Client Reviews

A one of a kind find!

I have used Lorraine as my lawyer for my businesses and she always has done a great job both in formation and business transactions. I had a tragic life event happen to me and Lorraine was there for me all the way through this event. I came to realize she really cares about her clients and is passionate about what she does. Lorraine listens, advises and then puts her all into fighting for whats right for you. I’m so glad I have her on and at my side.

I would highly recommend Lorraine!

- (5 star review)

Patient, persevered and stayed positive in 2 difficult and long-lasting cases

Over several years, my wife and I had 2 separate and very difficult lawsuits to deal with that lasted a long time. and as demanding as we were, and even when we had unrealistic expectations, Ms Schmitt always validated our feelings and made us feel secure and hopeful. With her integrity we succeeded to the highest degree that was possible for those type of cases, while still feeling very ethical and accomplishing the results by only fully honest means. Ms Schmitt was always a real pleasure to engage with; no matter how we were feeling on any given day, good or bad, we never ever felt like we were being judged by her and she was never dismissive or arrogant. You relax around her and feel good about yourself – that is because of her personality. Ms Schmitt knew much more about law than us, yet made us feel that our input was valuable and always listened patiently. She is a very humble person but an aggressive and persistent and threatening lawyer to the opposition, and is truly compassionate and kind to her clients without ever putting on an act.

- (5 star review)

I am so grateful to have found Lorraine as my Lawyer.

Lorraine was very sensitive and professional. She worked with her heart as well as her head and knowledge. I was filled with anxiety during the whole case, Lorraine reassured me regularly with confidence and compassion. Lorraine’s professionalism along with her kindness makes a perfect blend for the best lawyer ever! I did not want someone “mean” or “soft” but someone honest, gentle AND strong.
I highly recommend her!

- (5 star review)

Review of Lorraine Moynihan Schmitt

To whom it may concern:
I have known Lorraine Moynihan Schmitt since March 2010, having asked her to handle my deceased mother’s trust and estate.
During the past 40 years I have engaged three other attorneys to handle matters such as divorce, rental and business disputes. Ms. Schmitt has been a breath of fresh air compared to any other representative. What immediately struck me was her integrity.
Foremost she always takes the high road, the moral way, in resolving issues. And it is clear that she cares for her clients. She carefully explains and clarifies the possible approaches with expected likelihood of success or failure. With a set of choices provided and her professional leadership, most problems become small. Again, she never deviates from the law to achieve the expected results.
She invests her time well which insures accuracy and efficiency, especially during court appearances which have always gone well. With her calming approach there is little anxiety.
I highly recommend Ms. Schmitt for your next legal representative.

- (5 star review)