General Practice

A knowledgeable general practice attorney, Lorraine represents a wide array of clients. The legal services offered at her law firm include everything from one-on-one consultations to aggressive courtroom representation. She can review contracts, draft estate planning documents, or fight for her clients in court.

No matter the nature of your current legal concerns, you can benefit from a consultation with Lorraine. She will provide the in-depth legal guidance and proactive representation needed to bring your case to a satisfactory close.

Lorraine Moynihan Schmitt  – Versatile Legal Service

Over the years, Lorraine has successfully resolved a vast array of complicated legal matters. These cases have involved numerous practice areas, including estate planning, real estate, environmental law, municipal law, business law, and civil litigation. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding her clients’ cases, she always offers a respectful candor and personalized service. Both qualities are greatly appreciated by Lorraine’s clients, who speak highly of her law firm. The only types of legal matters not handled at The Moynihan Law Firm are criminal proceedings, bankruptcies, and workers’ compensation cases.

Due to the breadth of Lorraine’s legal knowledge, she is able to assist clients dealing with legal matters that involve multiple practice areas. For example, her background in both environmental law and real estate allows her to better handle cases involving the intersection of these seemingly disparate practice areas.  Likewise, if litigation is deemed a necessary response for a particular estate planning dispute, Lorraine can garner desired courtroom outcomes by applying her vast knowledge of estate planning and utilizing a zealous approach in court.

When a General Practice Lawyer is Preferable

Although many clients enjoy working with boutique law firms, there are many cases in which the breadth of knowledge offered at a general practice firm is preferable. The aforementioned cases involving practice area overlap often require an extensive understanding of several areas of law. General practice lawyers can also prove useful in more concentrated cases, as their diverse background lends them a unique and incredibly valuable perspective. Another often overlooked benefit of working with a general practice lawyer such as Lorraine is the ability to avoid the expenses associated with many boutique firms.

Whether your goal is to avoid probate, resolve a zoning issue, or maintain full compliance with local commercial regulations, you can achieve your objectives with Lorraine’s help.

Reach out to Lorraine to learn more about the many services offered at The Moynihan Law Firm.